Our Philosophy

"We are moving from a world in which the big eat the small to a world in which the fast eat the slow"

- Krause Schwab, Head of the World Economic Forum

In a world where the speed of change has never been faster, our commitment to our clients, regardless of size, is to provide them with the best possible consulting advice by the most efficient means available. We will do this through state of the art technology, best-in-class strategic partners and expert consulting talent.


Our Name

Our name was inspired by a tall and strong tree that provides shade, shelter and supports an abundant amount of wildlife throughout the seasons.

Unlike most other hardwood trees, the American beech retains this smooth bark throughout its "mature" years. The bark can often look “silver” in the morning light and is commonly known as a tempting surface for the carving of initials and names.  The “silver” beech can live for three hundred to four hundred years and can reach heights of eighty feet.

We are proud to use her as our logo and hope she continues to inspire us and shelter our clients for many years to come.